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Spend less time doing administrative HR tasks and focus on what matters.

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    Manage your employees holidays and absences.

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    Track your employees working hours.

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    Manage everything that affects your company payroll.

  • Document Manager

    Manage all your documents.

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    Improve and centralise your recruitment process.

  • Employees’ Onboarding

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  • Performance

    Get a sense of your company's pulse.


All your HR processes in a single place

Find out how Factorial can help your company.


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Make better decisions

Improve your company's management and save money by making better decisions.


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Factorial Mobile App

Download Factorial App for iOS and Android

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What do our clients say about us?

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    Gloria Bellocq @ Camaloon
    “Thanks to Factorial, I have more time to dedicate to my team.”
    “Factorial is the only HR Software that adapts to all our needs.”


In Factorial, we take your safety very seriously and protect all your data and documents through a powerful encryption system and a unique access for each user.

Single Sign On (SSO)

With our SSO system you will no longer need to create a user and password.


All database information is encrypted at rest (AES-256)

Security firewall

We block those connections that are dangerous.

Digital Signature

Forget the paper, it’s time to start signing documents digitally. The safest, securest and most legally compliant way to sign and manage documents without the headache. 100% eIDAS safety standard compliant.

  • Automatically request signatures from an individual or multiple employees within seconds
  • Send documents quickly, request signed copies, and store files in one centralised location 

Performance Management

Easily manage and evaluate employee performance reviews for a sense of your company’s pulse, allowing you to make better business decisions.

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  • Assign reviewers based on your company’s org chart.
  • Send instant notifications to participants 
  • Add feedback in an employee's portal
  • Track company performance management with custom reports


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  • Gain a visual sense of all teams and departments to better understand the chain of command
  • Know how to effectively distribute resources to the correct department
  • The most intuitive way to Improve internal company communication
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  • Best time tracking software for wage compliance & shift management
  • Easily monitor, approve employee time sheets or reject extra hours
  • Employee time tracking software to clock in/out with the click of a button
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Time Tracking Software

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Effectively onboarding new employees is key to your success. Streamline the process with employee onboarding software.

  • Automate and personalise the employee onboarding experience
  • Easily integrate new employees into their role 
  • Create personalised task flows to automate the onboarding process
  • Familiarise new employees with the company culture

Payroll Variables

Better manage your payroll to more effectively manage your business all by simply automating your payroll processes. 

  • View employee information, including start date, monthly salary, position, & contract type.
  • Ensure accurate payslip management in accordance with employee medical leaves and other payroll variations. 
  • Download custom summary reports of payroll variations and monitor changes that affect an employee’s monthly pay.

Manage Holiday & Leave Requests

It’s time to go paperless! With HR Software for employee holidays and time off requests, simplify absence management. View updates; know who’s in/out, the reason why and how many days they have remaining.

  • Gain a visual of all absences on your team’s calendar
  • Define your company’s vacation policy
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  • Set personalised permissions to better manage employee leave requests


Store your documents safely in Factorial’s encrypted system, without collecting dust.

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  • Set custom folders, assign permissions and automatically create email sequences to send documents to staff.
  • Safely store employee contracts, medical leaves, and other employee data for quick retrieval.
Document Manager

HR Software to Digitise Your Processes

Streamline cumbersome human resources processes with Factorial's HR software

It's time to put an end to the struggle over managing cumbersome HR processes. Your time is more valuable when it's spent focussing on your employees rather than lost in stacks of paper. 

Factorial’s HR management software allows you to easily digitalise your processes, allowing you to put your time and attention on coming up with strategies which generate more business for your company.

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Are you ready to step it up to reach your company’s potential? If so, Factorial’s HR software is a key piece of the puzzle to help you achieve success.

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